Ninja vs. Samurai

Which wins / is cooler?

No contest. Ninjaninjaninjaninja. Ninja are assassins. They sneak and kill quietly. Samurai fight in the open. And they fight clean. They cannot withstand the honed prowess and impeccable style of the ninja.

yes, but one on one, with both players aware of each other, can the samurai beat the ninja?


i think i could beat both of them in quake3 or chess.

You play chess?

Bruce Lee would win with his mystical powers…as well as the nunchaku. But I’ll vote samurai, if they both knew of each other. Samurai had armor when needed.

Did anyone see the Last Samurai? The Samurai basically win, and the ninjas did have stealth on their side in the beginning.

At 50/50, perhaps it’s just how bad one or the other wants it.

And unique av there, Rad.

oops, i had forgotten to vote, appears that samurais win.

I’m not sure whether to feel happy or sad. The magnificent tension is broken…

Listen, while the Samurai is honoring his master and talking about Bushido, the Ninja would chop off his head and play in the fountain of blood.

This is no contest.

All who vote Samurai need to be placed in ovens for efficient disposal.

It was not specified what kind of samurai it was. Allow me to direct your attention to the meaning of “ronin”. And though the 1930’s/40’s form of Bushido was not legitimate, one could have an attitude like the warlords did. This is a contest…and currently once-more a tied one.

I think most people know of ronin, we’ve all seen kenshin.

I think we have a winner. Pirates work as a team; neither ninja nor samurai do this.

What is piracy, precisely? You can have lone pirates, though they are far rarer than lone ninjas.

Regarding ronin…masterless samurai. No master being honored, no bushido to quote to said master. Fight remains even.

This is truth. Very truthful truth.

arrr, it be tied.