Newsgroups for Downloading

How safe are newsgroups for getting access to movies and music and the like? Also how are the selection, can you find anything within the retention period and some older stuff too?

That’s a very good question… I haven’t used the binary usenet/newsgroups in quite a long time, I remember they were quite good. Nowadays I mostly participate in [FONT=“Courier New”]comp.os.vms[/FONT], [FONT=“Courier New”]comp.sys.sgi.marketplace[/FONT] (some others about SGI, too), [FONT=“Courier New”]comp.sys.dec[/FONT], [FONT=“Courier New”][/FONT] to a lesser degree also [FONT=“Courier New”]comp.sys.hp.hpux[/FONT],[FONT=“Courier New”]comp.sys.tandem[/FONT], [FONT=“Courier New”]comp.unix.tru64[/FONT] and other non-binary groups.

The last time I tried the binary groups, after a sizable break, I wasn’t able to connect (or get connected) and find much; I remember I was looking for IRIX and other rare, more vintage type, software. I realized that it might’ve also been because my ISP blocked them, amidst the whole commotion about TPB and the copyright legislation over at you in the USA. It could’ve also been bad luck, in terms of server downtime and so on.

Anyway, nowadays I wouldn’t know where to begin… So, yes, if there’s anyone who’d be willing to enlighten us: Please, by all means, do so.