New Spotts thread: ASK SPOTTS QUESTIONS (protip: Spotts post here)

  1. Is it true that Fraser teachers are operating without a contract?

  2. Is it also true that all after school clubs and activities have been cancelled because of said lack of contract?

  3. Does Fraser High School actually have a serious gang problem?

  4. What the hell is happening at FHS?

My info on the above question comes from my former cooperating teacher at good ol’ RHS.

  1. How are class sizes over there?

  2. Do you still live in Port Huron, or are you in a locale that would allow me to take you out for a beer without having to buy a new gold couch for a Saudi Royal?


Comedy bonus question:

Can I come to the wedding?

Well now, what’s all this then?

Oh, wait, I’m not actually surprised.

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How did he magically find the last thread about him? Why would he abandon us now, in our hour of need?


The Spotts works in mysterous ways!


  1. We have recently agreed to a one year contract.
  2. Teachers are asked to not do any extra activites while we are under contract disputes which means all extra-curriculars outside of sports and other activites where staff members are paid.
  3. I have heard this too but I don’t think there is a serious gang problem at FHS. Although I grew up in an area where guys in gangs shot each other and FHS is no where near that!!! Basically just a bunch of kids who think that they are tough sitting at lunch together and looking and talking to other kids!!!
  4. I can’t answer this question specifically!!!
  5. Class sizes are up from what they were when you were here but still not overwhelmingly bad!
  6. I still live in good old Port Huron and anytime you want to look me up stop by the FHS.
  7. If you want to pay for your place at the wedding then sure come along. Or if you just want to go to the ceremony then come on, but as we are paying for the wedding and we both have tons of family then extra guests becomes problematic.