New Harry Potter book came out!

Who really really cares? I heard someone died, anyways, I went to make fun of the people who went to get the book at midnight with some people after a lan party, here’s me:

Perfectly depicts the idiots that focus on the book, and not the mags in the background. Its sad that there are people that actually do that…

Boy people who like books sure are losers I’m glad I don’t need any of that booklearnin’ because if I had any booklearnin’ I would be a loser like all those losers who like to read.


who said i hate reading? i don’t understand the concept behind going to get a book the second it comes out, it’s a book, it’s not going to change.

It has to do with being cool. If you don’t get it when it comes out:

  1. You’re not as cool as everyone else.
  2. Though you’ve waited for it for 2 years, you STILL are eager to read it (so of course you want to pre-order it!)

Many things don’t change. Movies, for example. Have you ever gone to see a movie early after it was released? It’s not going to be a different movie if you see it later, or even if you wait for it to come out on DVD.

I forgot #3: You’re not as cool as everyone else.

Look everybody, Chris == Daniel Radcliffe, of the “Harry Potter” films!

actually a movie when it first comes out is slightly better quality, i went to a movie about 3 months after it came out and the reel was so damaged the whole movie was fuzzy and didn’t look good. Hell shakespeare has books that can be read by high school freshman, quite an accomplishment.

I have experienced that, as a freshman. I read Romeo & Juliet. It is pointless, worthless crap.

Every author has books that can be read by high school freshmen. Every book can be read by high school freshmen or younger people. Some of them (detailed academic works with heavy use of field-specific jargon, say) might not make a terrible amount of sense, but there is absolutely nothing stopping freshmen from reading any book that exists. Sorry, no accomplishment.

Also, this had to do with what?

The Vampire Chronicles all by Anne Rice. Mmmm Book Goodness.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, is actually the biggest pile of crap that I’ve ever had to read. R & J was much better than J.E.

Going to see movies when they come out is good, because for every ‘director’s cut DVD’ there is a ‘Hey we changed the music and some of the plot for no reason’ DVD.

Also I wish I could read that book right now.

Whatever, The release party was ok, and Yea, I appeared as Prof. Snape… and? This thread has no REAL purpose IMO…


I like lollypops.

Doesn’t anyone else think Chris look a LOT like the movie Potter in that picture? I think he does.

Oblivion, You’re just not worthy of the sweat off my brow for me to attempt to even comment on that. I’ve been flamed by the best and I still can move quicker than Quicksilvermercury. So …