New game time

I need a new PC game to devote my time to. I’ve played through Unreal 2, UT2003, Medal of Honor, RTCW, Sim City 4, Freedom Force, Jedi Knight 2, NOLF2, Quake 3 (and mods), and Warcraft III. I needs me a new game to get my game on with, preferably a FPS or RTS, but I’m open to others if they’re really good. What do you guys suggest?

Battlefield 1942. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. Rainbow Six: Raven Shield.

bf 1942 and its expansion. after a while, try the desert combat mod.

BF 1942 is one of the best multiplayer games ever.

Any other games? I’m looking for more of a singleplayer campain.

I play Vietcong sometimes. I think it’s pretty nice!

And I’m looking forward to Half-Life 2… I’d be nice to resume modding for it!

I used to play Vietcong, but I found Line of Sight: Vietnam way more fun online.

Commandos 2.

It’s cheap, fun, and will take you forever to complete. All signs of a great game.

It’s neither an FPS or an RTS, though…I don’t know how to describe it, but if there’s a demo, you should really give it a whirl. Mmm…so many dead Nazis…

Looks like a WWII based Freedom Force… I’ll look into it. Keep the suggestions comming.

Everyone who has a computer of any sort should get OMF:BG when it comes out. Even if you have a Commodore or something. How can you say no to giant robots and fighting? It will be at least the second greatest game ever (if second, coming in just after OMF:2097).
It will be even better if they put the tournament mode back in. Oh god. That would be positively erotic.

I remember OMF, it worked on my 386 while it didn’t on the 486 of one of my friends. It was a nice game yes… but I can’t really remember any actual elements of it (like names of the characters etc.) The special moves were pretty tricky… And in one level, you got torched if you didn’t jump every n seconds.

I remember first playing that when I was like 8 years old… and I’m 18.

If you’re 18, you would have been closer to ten when you would have been able to play OMF. I played it when I was about… yeah, close to ten. It was glorious. I fully expect OMF:BG to be close to as good.
I will become a master of the Pyros once more.
And in that level with the fire, you just have to kick the orb first. Or you could, I don’t know, turn hazards off.

Back then I was more into games like Normality, Police Quest IV (and later SWAT), Full Throttle, Indiana Jones trilogy, Alone in the Dark (trilogy) etc. I remember beating those games fairly quickly, while most of my friends always seemed to give up and started cheating with those “walkthroughs”, in the gaming magazines.

I was more of an adventure-game guy, really. Though, I did find the upcoming “3D(-rendered)” beat-'em up genre quite nice! Some very visually very impressive! And, some were lots of fun, especially in two player mode against my friends.

KBV, did you ever play/heard of FX Fighter? It was one of the first 3D beat-'em ups for the PC, I think.

Command and Conquer Generals.

You could play the New FF Chronicles…

I have been into old NES titles lately…

Chrono Trigger! It’s not Old nes, its SuperNES, but its one of my favs

I’ll get more info on this but I found this and I think Pip might go Ga Ga over it its a screen of just one of the models WIP.
Nuff said intrested yet?

Originally posted by VeritechX
Chrono Trigger! It’s not Old nes, its SuperNES, but its one of my favs

Actually, I’ve been playing SNES games too lately. Games like Yoshi’s World (Super Mario World 2) are a true masterpiece!