Need urgent help on FLCL!

does it have ANY sex scenes in it? i am gonna bring it to school, and i need to know if it has ANY SEX SCENES in it.


  1. It doesn’t matter if it does or not, no teacher would approve.
  2. What, why don’t you watch the damn thing first?

Wait till Leon comes online.

He knows all things animey.

I know as well, but it’s a rather ambiguous thing. There are a lot of things in that show that could be interpreted as sexual, and definitely some taboo subject matter. Why anyone would want to bring it to school without previously viewing it is beyond me.

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I’m pretty sure FLCL does not have any sex or nudity, but I do believe it has some suggestive dialog in there somewhere. I do suggest previewing it before showing it to anyone in school however, that’s kinda a must. Even if you’ve already seen it and you can’t remember whether or not it has questionable material, you should at least browse through the episodes for a bit to double-check

It is rather suggestive from time to time… ESPECIALLY episode… 4 I believe (The baseball one)… But no outright sex.

No there are no scene of questionable “hentai” type material. Its Funny on a Movie rating I would say PG-13 for suggestive material and foul language but thats all. I Recomm its ok to take to school.

we watched Animal House ® in English, so i think it should be ok.

Just watch the damn thing. Granted, it’s not Hentai, but it is Ecchi-esque-ish…if that makes sense.

well, from what i’ve seen on cartoon network. i can see how a teacher might have a problem with it. and i’m sure the uncut version has more stuff in it, unless it’s uncut on cartoon network… you should definately watch it and decide for yourself.

Its Uncut. There was no real editting needed at al for FLCL.

Yeah, nothing too inappropriate really.

true look at Inu Yusha , Blue Gender, even Big O …

It’s funny how certain people have different standards for ‘inappropriate’.

i like how you can say damn but not god damn.

yea, it seems like that. on toonami, they always edit the anime, so they can shove in like 4 or 5 commercials, when from all the fansubbed anime i’ve seen, they only have one commercial in the middle of the show.

One commercial break. They shove them in between shows, like on Serie+.

Oh wait, you silly Americans can’t get that channel hahahaha NO DUE SOUTH FOR YOU!