Need a help with e-store script

Could you please help me? (sorry if this is a bit off topic) I am not
technically minded, but I would like to start an online store. What
should I start with? Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware
of? Thank you

There are alot of places on the web to serve as resources for this type of issue, you’re asking for. I can give you a few links and such but the best way to check it out view a few places and decide on which direction you want to go…

These are some starting points you can use for that type of problem if it’s trouble on picking a E-commerce Site. You have have to take in conseration of domain purchasing and parking, Building The Site and The purchase system you’ll want to have for your customers as well, you know the shopping cart type programs you can use to make your purchases on line and even use a debit/credit card to do it faster and to maintance your Clientel database for fincial bookeeping as well. I hope this gives you some help and doesn’t really overwhelm you, I know it looks like a lot but these are some of the things you have to learn if you’re going to go into buisness for yourself. Cheers…

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