National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is Saturday! I expect to hear from lots of members of this forum. Or maybe no members of this forum. Or maybe just Trotsky.

Or maybe just <strike>you</strike> Trot <strike>and myself</strike>

Hahaha, Candace Gingrich.

I bet she makes Newt so very proud, and not uncomfortable at all…

I’d wager that the person who comes out will be a dark horse…like Roms or perhaps Gil.


I bet LPFabulous will come out.

I was thinking about it. But the universe here inside my closet is much more comfortable. I mean, really. Have you seen all the shoes I have in here? They’re just divine!

Guess that just leaves Aaron. Be strong, sister.

Guys… I have something I have to tell you all…

I’m going to get a Mt. Dew and drink it.