My top 5 least favorite web design trends

These days it seems more websites are made to sell ad revenues than they are to sell products or provide services. Sometimes I want to slap their web monkeys, but I know that they don’t get the banana unless their overlords are pleased. And the overlords aren’t pleased unless they’ve sucked out every dollar from a page view and generally pissed me off.

(not in order)
#1 - making a short news article into a 5 page click-fest to drag out page views
#2 - using javascript that pops up an ad no matter where on the page you click, even on empty space
#3 - anyone still using realmedia format to stream their content
#4 - Myspace timewarp to 1997 (can’t blame the site for that, but I’m trying)
#5 - flash sites that shouldn’t be flash, surrounded by moving flash ads

Got any to ad to the list?

#6 - putting a full page ad with a “click to skip ad” link at the top instead of the actual page I requested
#7 - flash ads stuck in between paragraphs in an article. I can’t read with your flash crap moving around next to the text!

#8 - flash ads that move too much and use all possible effects so your computer crawls to a halt as it processes the flash file. Then multiply by 2.
#9 - sites designed for Internet Explorer -only-.

#10 - five million sidebars, side by side.
#11 - really narrow layouts. My screen has 1000 columns of pixels these sites are wasting. Why don’t they borrow some sidebars from the other guys or something? They’ve got some to spare.