My Outlook Explorer keeps freezing up my computer!

And I dont know how to stop it, it happens when I try to load up the program.

I’m[font=Arial] using XP and outlook express 6 if that h[/font]elps any, it does load if I leave it for about 3-5 minutes but I can’t open any emails.

The rest of my computer seems to be running fine, does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

It used to work okay and I cant recall doing anything which might have made this happen, I’ve tried doing virus and adware scans but that didnt show anything.

your mail server is probably misconfigured, its a known issue that it can lock up a computer with outlook express because outlook express is stupid.

use thunderbird from

silly rabbit, trix are for kids.

Thanks that worked, I got some emails with the dates 2101 and 2016 so maybe that messed up my outlook explorer.

Do you know any good newsgroup browsers?

Smee recommended one to me… For binaries or for just text?

Just text

I haven’t seen a newsreader I liked since I left Unix behind. I MISS RN it was simple easy to use and it kept the script-kittens out of the newsgroups. You had to know your way around a command prompt to use it right.

Hit, lots of newsgroup readers there.

Thats exactly the kind of thing I wanted, thanks!