My new baby

Just got a Radeon 9800 (non-pro) for $213 on ebay. Lookie:

Man this card is nice… It has Infinion 3.0 ns memory though, so I can’t quite overclock the memory to 9800pro speeds (340 MHz, or 680 MHz DDR), but I can get it to 320 MHz up from 280 MHz. However, after modding my case panel to accommodate a 80mm fan blowing right on the card, I can OC the VPU to 400+ MHz (still experimenting on the max it’ll go) up from the default 325 MHz (380 MHz is the 9800pro speed). Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this card. I mean, look what it can do!

sweet deal !

Yay, fairy!

Oooooooh, that’s purdy, good price too.


What is a card.

where can i get that fairy thingy?

Koo ness, You’ve got me back in the moding case mood again… curses… going to order a Radeon 9800 pro tomorrow and mod a 80mm or maby even a 120mm fan into side of case right by the VPU. We should have a case moding contest…

ok, it doesn’t work with my 8500 :slight_smile:

yeah, it didn’t work too well with my Radeon 8500 either, so I upgraded to a 9800. Also, you need this to make it work on a DX9 capable Radeon card, should you ever get one

We’ll psx has convenced me to go water cooling, will start it begining of next month probably… might be cool… might be disasterus… LOL… anyway what you guys think of this pump/res. ? (I’m going to use green color, matchs my case)

only 3/8" fittings? I’d suggest you go all 1/2" fittings and tubing, with a Maze 4, Hydor L20 pump, and a D-Tek pro heatercore. Also, when it comes to tubing, your best bet is to get Tygon tubing instead if the cheap vinyl tubing at Home Depot or other hardware store. It tends to fog up and leave a white milky film everywhere, which is bad.

By the way, my new digital camera is in the mail, so I’ll post some pics of my updated watercooling rig on Monday.

know of any sites that sell kits or parts? xoxides selection is a little small


Jesus, it’s like a foreign language. I am way behind on my computer nerdness classes.

Just got my radeon 9800 pro, will tell you how it gose.

hehe Naked dawn on ATI cards awsume :wink: if you want to know how to make her naked just rename fairy.exe to quake3.exe (I’m 100% serious, its hilarius)

yes, I’m aware of that trick. also try renaming it 3dmark03.exe

Just picked up the 9800 XT. Pure awesomeness!