My living room theater

I’m extremely lucky to be able to have a home theater setup. I’ve missed a bunch of 3d movies over the years and decided its high-time I’m able to enjoy them on a large screen from the comfort of home. I’ll keep this thread updated as things change and I’m able to attempt to right a review.

Projector (Benq W1070):

3d dlp projector from BenQ. Tons of features including user-configurable settings for brightness, contrast, and color for color accuracy. Out of the box though I haven’t had to change a thing to get a decent picture. It works pretty good during the day, but since I don’t watch much tv in the day its not a problem. The 3D mode is plenty-cool, I’ve had zero issues with 3d blu rays and the quality is amazing. Below are some pictures:

Stereo (Yamaha HTR-7065):

I started out with an Onkyo from Fry’s, the TX-NR616 and kept having issues. I’d have to unplug it from the wall for a couple of seconds to fix a daily hdmi sync issue. I found the Yamaha at Costco and couldn’t pass it up. The sound is amazingly clear and great for movies right out of the box. I’m also able to control the thing from my android phone and tune to local internet radio stations. I’m still gathering speakers so I only have a left, right, center, and subwoofer but that seems fine for now.

I’ll need to throw up some more pictures and gather my HTPC build.

Will you be going way of the Directional speaker system or static mounted in stratigic areas within the room’s walls and ceiling to match for that aucoustic 3d feel as well?

I’m still debating. I might go for the clean look and ceiling mount the remaining 4 speakers. I still need to do some wiring for the projector. I have to add a power plug and an hdmi wallplate and run those cables. I’d love to have an awesome 7.2 system setup correctly but the room is not setup right for that.

I just bit the bullet and bought some monoprice in-wall speakers for my ceiling. Should provide some decent quality!
6.5 Inch 3-way in-wall speakers

I’m also going to run some through my walls and in the attic space for the speakers, this will be on my wall.

Well hopefully we’ll get a Video Tut on how to install speakers for a nice clean in home theater room.

Speakers arrived, I had to hook them up to my receiver and test them out. They sound glorious. Just like my 20 year old Bose bookshelf speakers. I am a bit worried now about installing them in the ceiling, if I don’t cut the hole right they might fall down! I’m also wondering how best I can put some insulation around them.

Might I suggest the foam layers that come from wrapping poster frames or frames in general? They do cancel noise out quite nicely and add as filling if you cut your mounting cavity a tiny but larger than planned?

There are tons of resources on the web I’ve found for making them, like: &

Seems pretty straightforward. No complaints from the neighbors yet so I probably don’t have to do this just yet.