My desktop > your desktop

I made the wallpaper in photoshop using photos taken of these huge posters at the SD Comic Con. It’s in 1280x1024, so if anyone wants a copy, let me know.

Oh really. Prepare to be eaten by my desktop:

<a href=“” target=_blank>EATEN I SAY<a>

Ichigo Katamari

Thats a pretty awesome transformers wallpaper but I think I’ll be keeping the one I already have, mainly because I’m too lazy to change it.

here’s my linux desktop too. notice the (blatently stolen) desktop image from psx’s deviantart page.


you misspelled Induhviduals on your buddy list

Oh yeah?

Stephen Hawking action figure, yo.

I think I win this one, fellowettes.

Henshin a go-go indeed.

You are not using google talk. Therefore, you lose.

I have over 200 google talk friends! I am neat!

Invite me, Smeeeee.

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” alt=“” border=“0”></a>

I tried to talk with google talk, it didn’t work, so I used MSN messenger instead!

I made internet calls with Skype:
and I want to try Gizmo:

You are not very good at computering.

Of course I ain’t! I’m only a Computer Science major and leader of a secret underground organization devoted to keeping computers up and running for microscopic elves named Tim.

Can you zip that up and send it to My husband is a HUGE transformer’s fan. He used to collect before he got to sick to work. I think it would cheer him up.

Thank you.