My Comic-Con 2003 report

Day 1:

I woke up at 6:30, bought some film, and headed off to the convention center. When I got there at 8:30, the line to buy badges was pretty long, but the end was still reachable after a short hike. Arround 10:30 though, it was at least several miles long. My Comic-Con name this year is Hugh G. Wong. It’s kinda subtle, so it takes a while for people to pick up on it sometimes. First I headed over to the Megatokyo booth and got me a Miho sketch. He was asking me if he should make it out to Hugh, so I had to point out the rest of the name. We laughed and laghed… Then with sketch in hand, I walked arround and got frebies. Tomorrow I shall get me a Punisher t-shirt for sure. Then I went to the Penny-Arcade booth and chat with them for a while. I got close up pictures of all the crew, and then I got a sketch by Gabe of Gabe. he didn’t have anything to sketch on, so I gave him my card that had the miho pic on it so he could sketch on the back of it. He however only had a sharpie on him. So, I sold him my mechanical pencil for $6. That’s right, if Gabe does a sketch for anyone with a blue mechanical pencil, he got it from me. After I got my photos and sketches (and made promises to come back with more money) I was kinda walking off when I saw some art I thought I recognized. Turns out it was Arik of D7 fame right next to penny-arcade. I said hello and introduced myself as one of the admins of these fine forums and he said hi and that he was sorry that he couldn’t post here lately. Turns out he’s really fucking busy, like he has 4 more weeks to create like 2/3 of his newest movie or something like that, which he’s going to demo at the con I believe. I’ll have to ask him when that is… After that, he gave me a free poster and then signed it! Nice guy that Arik. After that iI wandered arround taking pictures of cosplayers and cool things, got more free stuff, pestered penny arcade guys some more, and then went home. I got a 4 day pass, so I’ll ge going again every day. I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens.

6:30? What kind of time is that to get up?

really early time, leaving me with an hour to get ready to leave for the trolley, which goes to the convention center at 7:30 and gets there at 8:20

Oh! Oh! See if you can find “Liz” from Weirdism (Liz Groenveld. I ASSUME that’s her face on that image there… But that’s just an assumption. I know she’s there though.)… She knows me, so if you bump into her, uh… Just say hi for me.

say that Pipian says hi?


Unless she’s in a booth or you know where she’s going to hang out, I doubt I’ll be able to find her…

I know how cons work, and how impossible it is to ever run into anybody. I’m just saying that if you do happen to run into her, say hi.

hmm… places like those seem to be full of con-artists.


If you see Phil Foglio or Wendi and RIck Penni tell them Steve & Ronda say hey and well we missed another Con and IF you -see- him ask Arik to send me a email will ya? Pwease?

If you see Brian Clevinger, punch him in the face.

Actually, I believe Brian Clevinger is at Connecticon, not the Comic-Con. I did see the deselsweeties booth, but I was in a hurry so I didn’t shmooze.

Cartoon network Panel, Voice Actors/Actresses will be at Room 6B I think saturday …

Yes, I saw. I will be at that panel for sure. Must find Jhonen Vaskes sometimes as welll. Also Leon, I’ll probably see Arik again tomorrow, so I’ll relay the messege.

Thank you. A friend of mine will be at The Skunk Comics booth Named Ali sama. His Art is great, stop by and drop my name never can tell where it would lead you . Sorry , I’m rambling its just I have a lot of friends and poeple I know at Comicon IF Green Jelly AKA Green Jello is there this year See if you can grab one of thier cds too, Michael and Jason are kick ass poeple!

Whoa, Grenn Jello are still a band? That brings back memories… OF THE EARLY NINETIES! flashback spiral of doom


Reverse flashback spiral of doom

Ugh, that sucked. But I enjoy Green Jelly/o, and was thrilled at their work in Maximum Carnage for the SNES.

Maximum Carnage…
wasn’t that the Spiderman/Venom beat 'em up?

Yes it was, and hopefully they’ll be at Comic Con again as they usually are. I do have a request… if there were any freebie manga chembot… could you , would you see it in your heart to send me … a care package? please? I beg of you.

There were some manga samplers from Tokyopop and Viz, but nothing special. Maybe if you gave me some money I’d send 'em to ya.

how much … Dives into his pocket…