My Birthday

Hello again…this is D7 and…I got an automated email about my birthday today so…just wanted to say thanks: ) Also I haven’t posted here in forever…loads has changed but…I hope everyone’s still doin’ good so. I’m still crankin’ on movies and such and for those who don’t know me…hehh…ignore this post : )



happy birthday, you must be verrrry busy.

Yeah busy, busy, busy. Got a game in development and the movie at the same time and the movie is part of a trilogy…and like a billion other things : )

By the way…LOOOOVEEEEE your pic of Kurt on your sig : ) I have a Sonic Blue Fender Jag Stang, D7 will be using it in all the D7Peacemaker™ movies.


I’m Oblivion, who the hell are you?

happy b-day lulas a/s/l xxxxx

I’m Arik Renee Avila : )


Been a wile d7, good to see your still around.

Thanks…it’s been tough but I’m still kickin’ : )


You’re still in texas, did you go to quakecon?