MP3 Decoder 4 PSX

nE1 Ever heard of an MP3 Decoder for the PSX? I have been looking at the PSXAmp hardware for the PSX which plugs into the memory card port (I think). But i’m not interested in getting extra hardware for the (GOOD!) old Playstation I have MP3 Player software for the PSX, but it needs the caetla connection to the PC (which i don’t have and don’t want.) I’m almost certain that the Playstation does not have the power to Decode MP3’s (even with compatible software) but if nE1 knows better, it would be an interesting topic for discussion (and possibly even use!)

has a few discussions on it.
and maybe might be able to help…
But the PSX is the 3rd Gen Playstation… already in use in Japan with DVR caps and such so I think the psx itself already has a mp3 decoder… anyone want to correct me on this if I’m wrong? :?:

This is awesome. What a way to compete with Xbox

/me shrugs,
The guy wanted some answers, I came up with what I could.