Mozilla Firefox Beta 2

Anyone else running this new build? I really enjoy the new style, its fantastic. Check it out from: that site. It also appears to have a built in spell checker, so spelling shouldn’t be a problem!

Now, to fix that fucking spam problem.

I’ve been running it on my laptop for a while and it seems pretty cool. Too bad it’s such a resource hog. I’ve tried <a href=“”>K-Meleon</a>, but the interface is clunky and unrefined. It does end up using something like 20-30% less memory than firefox when multiple tabs are loaded, but I guess I’m just too used to Firefox.

Downloading now, dunno if I’ll use the spellchecker though since if I’m unsure how to spell something I just put it in google.

Okay, I only notice bigger menu icons.

Yeah, its not like a brand new spanking form of transportation, but it seems to be a bit more spiffy. The tabs not running of the toolbar or getting tiny is nice. So is the google suggest feature built in on the search box.

I’d suggest Firefox 2, which is considered stable.It’s more secure and very easy to use.

Well bot, Firefox 3 is out and its the new shit. Just needs more extensions to be upgraded.

bah, I’m all for Firefox 3.1 nightly builds. If you don’t have to debug your browser, you’re just not living.