Motivational Thought of the Day Thread






Truth , justice & The “American” way.


Superman was created by a Canadian.



Anyways !

You can choose to sit and hope it happens,
or you can start to act and make it happen.


Saving an American hours of work that could then be freely spent eating hot dogs and watching large men grunt and run into each other/count balls.


Yes and no. Wikipedia says he was not only created by [url=]Joe Shuster (the Canadian you mention) but also [url=]Jerry Siegel, an American. Shuster did the original art though. (Siegel did scripting).

Hooray Wikipedia and Google.




Well I guess life’s just fine and dandy, then.




Do tell.


Dont work for Fred Meyers as a part-time Parcel raking in $7.22 an hour. The excitment will be too much to handle.


These days people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.


The value of parceling = Hooray my feet are sore constantly and I can’t see my girlfriend as much as I would want to. Also I am now better at handling carts than any of you.

And that = the win.


Only through That = making money = the win. Money = winning.




It’s amazing how both the Left and the Right accuse each other of being tyrannical over the interests of the people, and both sides are correct.


Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey died, but monkey knew.

Now it’s up to you to figure out how it’s motivational, grasshopper.


Remember to take your Date to somewhere other than Chinese.
Because you’ll be up to get her/him popcorn midway thru the movie. :wink:


Time is an illusion Lunch time doublely so.