Motivational Thought of the Day Thread

This is your Resident Dink creating a Motivational Thought of the day to get you by each and every pathetic day of the rest of your liiiiiiiffffeeeee BWhahahahha…

Today’s Thought is:

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who read too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking

Well, if you’re still reading Dick and Jane, certainly. But I would hope a person’s tastes would widen to include more thought-provoking works. Not that I have anything against that choice of literature; Pigs in Hiding is a classic, and if anyone says differently I invite them to tell that to a full-grown hog. Just I think it’s good to realize that there is still no better medium for conveying information than the printed page.


Wait, how was that thought motivational, Leon?

When you take charge of your life, there is no longer a need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life." :stuck_out_tongue: nya

Today’s Thought is as I load my Make Believe .45 is:
Don’t tread on me.

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Or, you might actually make my day!

Okay here is Romsus’ss’'ese’ese’s’s motivational thought of the day, or at least a thought, or maybe just a


Having pants motivates you to go outside with pants, so you should get some pants if you don’t have any, and if you can make pants appear out of thin air then that’s cool, but you probably can’t so just get some pants and then you can go outside and do things like


mow your lawn or something you lazy creature i mean come on

also get a haircut

and rake some leaves

and t

Through The Never.

saves a kitten

eats said kitten in a pot pie
Today’s Thought:

Never let them see fear in your eyes.

Since it is talk like a pirate day YAR !!! Ye, though of the day is Smack em 1st that way ye ain’t the redhaired Bilgerat that were smacked 1st Yar Har har !

Motivational thought of the day:

Take a walk and stop by your local flower garden to smell the flowers.

Did you do it? Well then you’re in trouble, because you’ve just inhaled a bee! The bee is now buzzing around inside of your head, pecking and scraping at your brain until it is no bigger than a walnut, and finally the bee finds its way out, the same way it came in. So, you should go to the nearest hospital, but uh oh, the hospital is 15 miles away, so you should get in your car and drive there. However, because of the brain damage you no longer remember how to drive a car. You could try hailing a cab but you don’t even remember how to do that. Therefore, you are forced to run 15 miles until you reach the hospital. Unfortunately, because you ran all that way in a brainless daze, everything looks like it is made of Pez! Of course, the logical thing to do in this situation is eat the Pez, so you do, but uh oh, you really bit off a man’s finger! Lucky for the biting victim, you didn’t injure his punching hand, so he punchifies your face, causing your brain to shatter and explode out of your nose. You think the pieces of brain are Pez, so you eat the brain.

Your brain is tasty.


Thought of the day…

Pheer Teh loen.

Send 1$ to do it now or I weeel move in with j00.

Motivational thought of the day:

Go out and see the world. When traveling to Kansas, though, always remember to take an umbrella.

See, there’s this evil scientist in Kansas, and he owns a weather control device. The only way to keep him from spawning a hurricane over the state is by giving him umbrellas. He has a large collection of umbrellas that he one day plans to sell for millions of dollars. Then, he will spend that money on a giant weather control device that can affect the entire continent, and if he doesn’t receive more umbrellas, he will activate the device and send monster tornadoes across North America. Once he receives enough umbrellas from that, he will sell them, giving him enough money to build a spaceship that will take him to Mars, where he will set up a bake sale. Everyone will have to travel to Mars to purchase some of his fine baked goods, or he will be forced to construct a large gravity beam that will throw Earth into the Sun. Once he has enough funds from the bake sale, he will purchase the universe, and we will all be forced to bow down to the great mad scientist from Kansas. So remember, always take an umbrella with you when you go to Kansas, or else Kansas will suffer greatly. Why should you care about Kansas? Hey, everyone likes Kansas! It’s the state that brings us…uh…hmm. It gives us…um…huh. Well, it’s not Utah, and that’s a good thing.

You’re all stupid and I hate you all.

If a Apple a day keeps doctors away ?
Would a kick to head do?

kicks leon in the head

Feel better?

Motivational thought of the day:

Always finish what you st

Oh, and don’t steal other people’s j

If poeple were to work as a team…
Would the world be a better , happier place?
Would The World as we know it been destroyed?
Ponder that one.

They’re both correct, if “been destroyed” (whatever that means without a “have” in there somewhere) can be interpreted as “have never been in the first place”.