MISTY's Birthday


Knew you’d apperciate this…

Thankies…I so want Heero’s Coat :wink:
Look at what My friend Nelson sent me…drools Quatre :stuck_out_tongue:
He is mine!..so hands off :stuck_out_tongue: heh heh…buts its just mmmm better than chocolate LOL (joking joking) Chocolate rulz :wink:

Happy Birthday Misty. ^^

Thankies Dragon :wink:

Happy Birthday, Mistums

Marv!..where have you been?..well anymways hope all is well with you :smile: …and Thankies…very sweet of you :slight_smile:

not really, me and my gf just broke up a couple of days ago… things were goin ok though, till today, i feel worse and more miserable

Poor Marv…Sorry to hear that…Hope you feel better :frowning: