MG = banned

MG posted a link to a website in the general forums:

I edited it out, and I won’t repost the URL unless requested, but it was a link to a website showing a naked girl in a bathtub with her ass pointing up and poo spewing out. Needless to say, that is completely unacceptable, especially in the General forums. So, I have banned him for the time being, although he may not be unbanned later.


Even Leon wasn’t permabanned for posting an actual offensive picture in General, and this was just a link.

Heh, tubgirl.

Good move Chemb0t.

First off, he’s been warned (and temp banned) before, so no more warnings for him. This is a bit worse than the lactating picture too. Also, I was eating at the time I clicked on the link…

Oh, forgot to mention that he posted that link in the Romshand forums before as well. I let it go since the Romshand forums are pretty much independant as far as moderating goes and I assumed the party would just come and maul his post. I guess that didn’t happen.

I think I missed that one.

Trotsky has that image as his wallpaper, he would applaude such a post.

i guess that means he doesn’t need his hosted forum??

That’s up to you, but I wouldn’t allow a banned user to have hosted forums on my website.

God Almighty, how I hate you.

MG should have seen it coming. He played with poo spewing ass, and he got burned. C’est la vie.