Metal Gear

I think you play as Big Boss in this one…the game’s set in the 1960’s, before Solid was born. “Snake” wears a patch over his eye, the opposite of Solidus’. Since Solidus’ was the opposite of BB, to begin with…stands to reason. A lot of these little nagging details scream that you’re now playing as “the one true Snake,” as this one has been advertised as…the Old Man.

What is Metal Gear? I’ve never owned a consoul.

Metal Gear was a game developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, by Hideo Kojima (after first being developed for PC). It told the story of Solid Snake’s infiltration of the compound known as Outer Heaven, in Africa’s southern mountains and jungles, seven years ahead of its publication date, 1995. Depending on whether you played the PC or Nintendo version of its sequal, Snake’s Revenge, the sequel told of his infiltration of a “Central Asian” (I still claim African because I found it on the actual map) militant nation called Zanzibar, four years later (against the seven-year coinciding date between publication and setting, 1992/1999).

A pair of games that pioneered the notion of on-site procurement, they were in fact to eventually serve as the preliminary backstory for the far more ambitious chapter of the story, Metal Gear Solid for Sony Playstation. Tying real-life events in with fictional and developing a level of detail never seen before (and I believe since) in console-video games, “director” Hideo Kojima had by then created a game series that many today call the greatest ever made. Involving everything from the presentation of the game’s “prologue” as a video taped briefing interview to Snake’s stealth entrance through the underwater arctic passageway to nano-machine technology that regulated his system to nuclear threats by terrorists, genetic engineering experiments and conspiracies and more, MGS rewrote the standard by which modern action-adventure games are judged.

Volume IV of the this saga, dubbed Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, again told the story of terrorist threat to the world, but revealed a deeper agenda by the Powers That Be. Rather than fighting for truth and liberty in the previous games, agents such as Snake, and the newly introduced Raiden, were shown to have been used as pawns, puppets and/or other forms of pieces in an elaborate scheme by an unidentified group of twelve conspirators, known to others (lesser people such as the President of the United States[!]) by numerous titles, up to and including the “La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo” and The Patriots (and for that matter, The Majestic-12, if UFO investigators are to be believed in real life), to supplant notions of freedom throughout both the United States and elsewhere, and to seize dictatorial power for itself for the express purpose of “guiding the evolution of humanity into the future, permanently.” Most amazing of all this, in the end, was how effective Kojima was in presenting the tale as believable, and creeping out near everyone with the seamless connections made with seemingly disparate events over the last 50 years…if not longer (“move over X-Files”…the last two lines of the fourth game revealed the dauntingly bizarre scenario that “we” had on our hands, and has led some players to hypothesize that the entire situation/conspiracy apparently began at the conclusion of the Civil War).

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, part five, is presently still in the perfecting stages. Every single electronics gaming magazine (at least that this author has seen), both American and Japanese and European, dedicates extensive room to the rumors surrounding any developments in the series, and almost religious coverage for the releases themselves. For all intents and purposes at this point, Metal Gear has been to gaming circles what Lord of the Rings has been to movie theaters.

Raiden’s a fag

I think what ****ed it up for me was all those stupid hours of shit from computer-generated Rose that we had to live through. Raiden was made a fag by the Patriots.

Sounds like a dull game, I’ll keep playing Championship Manager 4.

Indeed, get after them there profit margins.

Squall just makes things sound a lot more boring than what they actually are.

I know, he made profit margins seem dul…


I like squall.

Wow, you’d be an awesome auto racing fan then, what with how you thought my play-by-play of the '82 500 (greatest race ever) kept one the edge of their seat…or don’t you remember that convo?

… What i hear squall is that you play as the snake from the Metal Gear Solid… Not sure though… I played the Orginal for the NES and its all a bit blurry on how it all gose together sense in all reallity this upcoming game is going to be closest connection to the NES game of any of them…

It has to be Big Boss. Solidus’ Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman (better known as a SOD) said that Solid and Liquid were a dirty little secret left over from the 1970’s…right there, “the government” admitted it knew where they came from, al la Wolverine. This predates their creation by a decade. The “One True Snake” has a patch over his eye, opposite Solidus’…since Solidus’ was the reverse of their father’s… On another front, it just makes sense that if this is the first truly analog stealth game in the Metal Gear series, that you would be playing as the warrior whose rank in MGS2 required that you never be seen, never set off any alarm, use a limited number of rations to accomplish everything in a very short amount of time, and only tranquilize, not kill, every last opponent.

There were some other indications, but the #1 reason falls back on the 1960’s. Solid and Liquid are verified by the government as “born” during the next decade.

I am really sorry squall but I was just being nice, I wasnt actually paying attention to what you were saying back then, at all.

I wasnt even at my computer for a lot of the time you talked for hours about that indy race.

^DrAgOn^ your an ass, lol. I bought need for speed underground today, bad ass game going to be adicted for a long long time.

Most intelligent post of the last three months. Kudos to the mighty PhP.

On the racing note, glad to see another fan of the Sport of Technological Advancement.