Merry X-Mas

So it’s christmas now… Why is it that every channel on TV has been hijacked by a priest or a pope to tell me about Jesus all of a sudden? Don’t these people know that Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with this holiday anymore? Sorry Jesus, your holiday has been yoinked, but here’s a new Gameboy! I spent at least $300 on gifts this season, and I doubt I’ll get much in return, but such is life. No, I’m not bitter… not at all. This holiday is now for credit card companies, retail stores, and manufacturers. So have a merry commercialholidaymas everybody!

Agreed, a merry christmas to you and everyone reading this. ^^

But us brits have none of that pope’s shenanigans over here, we do have the queens speech though…oh yeah, and they are showing Amelie later on, so at least they are something good to watch on TV.

Happy Kwanzaa


I spent probably around $150 and got a $270 iPod (where is vaska) and at last another copy of Civ 3 (yay! $7), so I think that’s pretty good.

I got a Megaman X action figure, a lamp, and a basket of cleaning supplies and dish towels… I think I got stiffed.

Pix plz thx

Pants , a few shirts, a RC Car, 4 Dvds,Some lite tools and a Culinary Grill set, and on order a 800 Mhrz Cpu so I can finally whomp some of you at Halo …

That’s funny, because I have an Athlon XP 1600+ that I got two years ago that’s faster than your PC on order…

Dude, you got something to say then say it, but don’t ruin the thread with a smart ass remark like that.

I simply thought you’de get a better computer, or at least not have the mind to think that you’d be able to use Halo more easily on it. On the other hand, you might have been sarcastic. Sarcasm is impossible online.

I’ve got a nice setup I just need something faster than 600 … Hell I can play in 3d…who here can say that ? Although my RC Car is kinda neat … I guess… :?:

Well, my brother has a dual 800(?) G4 he got for christmas, and he says that he STILL can BARELY play Halo for the Mac on it (if he so wanted)

I own a 7.6GHz computer. I use it to type fax cover sheets using WordPerfect 5.1.


Mega mega!

ooooo X6 indeed… however I was always highly against being able to duck in a Megaman game

That’s funny, because you assume normal people can afford to get great computers as soon as they come out.

normal people can afford CPUs faster than 800 MHz…

an 800mhz cpu will run you about 20 bucks nowadays.

Well, we are talking about a PC CPU, right?