Memetic Discourse

Taylon, hippos, and to a lesser extent Barry the Brontosaurus are memes. Discuss.

No, next question

Also, stop taking philosophy classes

I’m too lazy to find out what memetic means so I am just going to agree with you.

yay i win oh wa

Yeah, they are. Now, why do we care?

(hint: no)

Barry is a meme because everyone secretly lusts after integers or something I dont know, you can just make anything up for this philosophy malarky anyway right?


Well, you can, but then people (I) will laugh at you (you).

In which care I would argue my stance and sulk, sulk lots and then claim it’s just you do not understand what I am saying, because what I am saying is so revolutionary that only I understand it and defiantly not because it is senseless and geez you guys need to think outside the box :sarcastic.

[spoiler]Or just sulk.[/spoiler]