Lucasart how could you do this to me

I can’t believe it, they have canceled the production of the sequal to Sam and Max, I was really looking forward to that game too.

But more than that they say “After careful evaluation of current market place realities and underlying economic considerations, we’ve decided that this was not the appropriate time to launch a graphic adventure on the PC”, so I guess we can all say goodbye to the monkey island series, as well as lucasart making any more of their legandary “Point and Click” games.

I hope this doesnt herald an end to that particular genre, I mean Broken Sword 3 was good and all, but thats the end of that series and I haven’t seen many other companys making games for that genre, a genre which I happen to be very fond of.

I guess I will write a letter to Lucasart, but I doubt that will help, hopefully they will be some kind of petition too, but I dont think that will be much use either.

Oh well farewell Sam And Max.

Good Times. :sad:

the way it’s worded it sounds like if it seems viable in the future, it will be completed.

I never played the original, care to describe what it was like?

It was amazing, I played it though a couple of times, its on par, if not even better than any other adventure game lucas-art have ever done(And any other company really), its my favorite adventure game anyhow.

Its humour and wit was genuis, Basicly its about a dog thing called Sam who always wears a buisness kind of suit and is the brains behind the whole operation:

And his sidekick, a hyperactive Rabbit(Or lagomorph, as he liked to be known) whose name was Max :

Together they are Sam and Max freelance police and they solve crime.

Apart from its great animation its hilliarous scenes are what made it so good, here are some quotes:

Sam: “Including those two, the new total is nine hundred and one. Guess you owe me that steak dinner.”
Max: “It seems these evil men will never begin to understand our peaceful nature.”
Sam: “Hope they figure it out pretty quick. My trigger finger is blistering.”

Stewardess: “I’ve been authorized by the captain to give you boys ANYTHING you want.”
Max: “Then bring me all the unclothed women my poor eyes can stand!”
Sam: “Jesus, Max, take it easy - you don’t even LIKE girls!”
Max: “Oh, yeah, in that case - how about some more of these great peanuts?”

Sam: “If you are upset, Max, I don’t think you should supress it.”
Max: “Hey, man! I think you’re NOT GOOD! I’ll NEVER be your BEST FRIEND!”
Sam: “Ooh, you’re a scary bunny.”
Sam: “You crack me up, little buddy!”

Anyhow if you are a fan of adventure games you should at least give it a go.

Max also makes a parody appearance in some of lucas-art’s other games(Jedi Knight for one, also kinda in a monkey island game as well as some others)and Sam and Max was later turned into a comic and cartoon.
And here:

Is what we are missing out on with the sequal (Trailer).
Hopefully they will change their minds about it though, some day.

Also, on a related note ScummVM is a wonderful program for running old adventure games(Not just lucasart games either). :slight_smile:


Oh Lucasart, or rather telltale, you aren’t such a bad sort after all.

Also, I’m glad I sign random online petitions.