Lol it is snowing like butt and there are donut tracks in my cul de sac

parody thread about my computer being at Jaxian’s house and roms also being there tomorrow when we have a big gay lan party circle jerk



now that all of you are there, I can kill you easily. Oh so easily.

LAN parties are so cool that there’s nothing to say. I really hope you guys are playing in Jaxian’s parents’ basement. That’s even the best.


LAN parties are so cool that there’s nothing to say. I really hope you guys are playing in Jaxian’s parents’ basement. That’s even the best.


your just jealous faggot lol

UT2k4 capture the flag with instagib on is one of the most fun things ever, you should try it out if you have it!

Don’t worry, you can come over for this LAN party too, LPFabulous. But you should bring your computer. I’ve got a laptop here you could use, but it is a bit slow. If you need directions, call Aaron or Zack on their cell phones.

We unfortunately may need to put you in the room next to the one we’re all in. This room is pretty cramped as it is. We’ve got a little pink cabinet in front of a closet that your computer might be able to fit on, but your chair would be bumping into Nancarrow’s chair, and I can imagine it would get uncomfortable. Though if you two found it comfortable, I suppose I would have no problem with you using the cabinet.

If you did have to go into the other room, there would be plenty of room, and you’d still be close enough to see in our current room. There is a weight bench (which I do not use) that might be in your way, but I think you’d still have plenty of room. I’m worried that you might be hard pressed to find a surge protector over there, so bring yours if you’ve got it. If not, I could steal one from somewhere else in my house.

I’ve got card tables, both round and square, which would be perfect for setting a computer on. I’ve got folding chairs too (all the comfortable ones are in use). Still, my folding chairs are just about as comfortable as folding chairs get; they’ve even got a bit of padding. You won’t be too bad off, I mean.

One of the problems I forsee is that the spot I want to put your card table and folding chair is covered in half by a rug and in half by bare tiled floor. This could result in that situation where your chair of off-balance and it tilts back and forth. This would get a little annoying before you became absorbed in video games. The simple solution to this would appear to be moving the rug, but the problem is that my weight bench is sitting on said rug. It would be very difficult to move the weight bench, and I have no intentions of doing so. Perhaps if you and some other hefty fellows were willing to move the weight bench then move it back upon your departure, this problem could be solved, but I don’t think any of you will want to try to lift it. I unfortunately am forced to admit that this problem is as yet unsolved.

I have more to consider about your computer placement, but such things can be decided after your computer is brought inside and placed at the bottom of my stairs, awaiting a table to rest upon. For now it is time to play Star Wars: Battlefront. I will see you when you get here.

Way to go, jerk-face. Now the terrorists can plant bombs at the LAN party. Count me out. See you in Hell, Mr. Going-to-get-blown-up-by-terrorists, I’m going to do something <i>cooler</i>, like D&D in my parents’ basement. Sucker.

You’re all fucking fat as shit

Hey, I’m having a LAN party right now! It’s at ground level, not in a basement, but the blackout curtains simulate the dank well enough.

I never had a lan party because me and my friends are very poor.

Also I hate 90% of all PC games.


Hey guys here’s a new pc game guess what it’s a FPS about aliens or terrorists.

Aw sweet, that’s out now!?

There is a lot of text in this thread about some things I do not care about so I am not going to read any of it but I am going to reply to it anyway ok


Don’t forget about all the games featuring nazis. The alien terrorist nazis.

The demonic homosexual alien communist terrorist satanist nazis from France.

They made a game about Aaron?



Yes they did.