LISTEN UP CLOWNFLOPS (This means you KBV/Pipian)

Finish your damn taylon flash lines so roms has no more excuses as to why he hasn’t completed it yet.



They might as well just throw some wav files together and not worry about quality because nothing is going to top the LT lines.

You were foolish to ask such self-depreciating perfectionists to do lines in the first place.

Wait, I don’t think Pipian falls into that category. Anyway, KBV keeps trying to make himself sound ‘not gay’, which means he won’t send the files in until he hires Barry White to do them for him. Considering Mr. White may or may not be dead, your files should reach you minutes before the second coming of the apocalypse.

On the other hand, I am an overly self-congratulating egocentric megalomaniac, so I would send in the first draft without a second thought. Unfortunately I think no one can understand my thick New Jersey accent.

You’re hired!

so anyway i need to find time where i’m not busy so maybe later today yeah that will do yup.

Actually, I still don’t have the lines for Bran.

I agree with this statement.

I gave you the lines for Bran and Elf already, and then I said they might change.

They did not change.

oh well in that case RECORD WHUMP OH NOWS

and by today i mean tomorrow.

This information does not please Gil.

except when you consider that I’m self-conscious and my brother loves interfering… And he has boy scouts tonight.

it is done.



Not angry enough. CORBOL HATES YOU.

I always kinda imagined Bran to have more of a girly voice, even though he apparently isn’t Female.

that wasn’t girly enough?

I always assumed Bran to sound like Roms…meaning dejected and full of hate and spite for all of God’s creations.

Thus (in reference to Pipian’s work): YES.

Hooray my imagination has been corrected.

Roms sounds like a little girl?

That explains a lot.

We will see who sounds the girliest when you finish your Duckface lines

Where are my Duckface lines

I agree with this statement. Well done indeed.