Lions = Super Bowl

Darn good job this far I mean we got the guy we wanted plus an extra second round pick. If we get Greg or Kevin Jones or Troupe if they are still there in the second we will be victorious.

So, you’re playing for the Lions now, huh?

So we got Kevin Jones eh?

…I have no idea what this means.

corrected sir vaska.

It means we fucking shit on the rest of the NFL this season.



I hate you all. Except Trotsky, he is fine.

Anyway, darn good draft indeed. Although we did pass on Troupe which could come back to haunt us, but supposedly that linebacker guy we got is darn good.

In other news, Sorgi to the Colts!!! And Smoker to the Rams!! And they both went ahead of Navarre, who went to Arizona. I’m sure he will be a good fit there too, since Arizona already has some of the worst QB’s ever to play the game.

But Sorgi’s body double who could actually play the game probably escaped to eastern Europe.

Colts = Super Bowl

Romsus has fallen into the trap of Old Man Football. Vaska, what do you describe as treatment?

What’s the treatment going to be? MAKING ME BECOME A WOMAN??

Let’s not start talking about last resorts yet. I prescribe hours upon hours of backbreaking work until the Taylon flash is done.

Don’t hate me, Poma! I love football! Also the Lions, who are now the greatest team in the league.