Less forums

I’m considering getting rid of Direct Feed and just moving all the topics to the main forum, anyone against it?

Sure, why not? Or you could just move all the forums to The Category. I kind of like that option better, actually.

Some condensing would be good, but I wouldn’t move everything into one forum. It’d get too hectic when posting picks up again, which it will.

I agree with Chem on this. I’d probably condense to two or three (all separate of general).

Definately drop RPing and possibly Art (otherwise leave Art alone).
And then do one of the following plans (which make the most sense considering amounts of posts):

  1. Condense Music, Movies, and Anime, leave Computhor and Games alone
  2. Condense Music and Movies, condense Anime and Games, leave Computhor alone
  3. Condense Music, Movies, and Anime, condense computhor and games.

I was thinking:

CompuThor and Games (for CompuThor and Games)

Arts and Entertainment (for Anime,Music, Movies, and Art)

i see mgforum is gone now
this is pleasing


Ho-ho-holy whatzit! The forums gone done smallened.

yes they have.





The forums have been debigulated! This is a good thing.

still no posts in them yet :frowning:

just in this one

Cause its special. And we’re cool. And stuff.

:slight_smile: <-- i think the old smilies were better

Both sets need their transparency worked on, though.

And yes, we are cool dudes.

The forums changed, and yet I feel the same. Boo.

Hooray, Rav is back among us!

i found my rav