Larry Flynt is my hero!

Larry Flynt Issues Call to ‘Pray’ for Death of Bill O’Reilly

Marc Morano,
Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2003

Television commentators of all stripes have raised the ire of liberals and conservatives for years, but one is now the subject of a prayer vigil for his death.

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt called for a “National Prayer Day” on Aug. 5 to “pray for the death of [FOX News Channel host] Bill O’Reilly.”

The pornography publisher and California gubernatorial candidate’s event is scheduled for 12:45 p.m. PDT in Los Angeles, and Flynt’s political Web site offers a sample “prayer” describing in explicit and graphic terms how O’Reilly’s death might come to pass.

“Dear (God/Allah/Buddha/other entity of your choice), we ask you to afflict Bill O’Reilly with a brain aneurysm that will lead to his slow and painful death,” the “prayer” reads.

O’Reilly spokesman Robert Zimmerman told, “We are not going to dignify it with a response.” O’Reilly, the host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” presides over the highest-rated prime-time news program on cable television.

Louis Giovino, spokesman for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, called the Flynt event “an expression of evil.”

“If this wasn’t Larry Flynt, we would think it was just another wacko looking for PR, but since it is Larry Flynt and given his track record of hate, this is more than a sick joke, this is an expression of evil,” Giovino told

Sean Carney, spokesman for the Flynt event, believes that O’Reilly uses “racist” rhetoric in order to appeal to the “common man.”

“This guy even has a degree from Harvard, an M.B.A., but he sprinkles racist and inflammatory terms throughout his conversation to show that he is like one with the common man,” Carney told Carney also serves as an editorial assistant at Flynt’s Hustler magazine.

Flynt and his supporters are particularly angry with O’Reilly because of his stances on certain rap artists and pornography.

“He has attacked some people that we really love, like [rap singer] Ludacris and [porn movie actress] Jenna Jamison. Bill O’Reilly treated them terribly and tried to ruin Ludacris’ career – really awful stuff,” Carney explained.

The sample “prayer” states that O’Reilly “would like America to believe he’s a voice for the populace, but he’s nothing more than a right wing shill who tries to destroy the careers of those he disagrees with.”

Flynt will be unable to attend the service because “he is busy in his run for [California] governor,” according to Carney.

Carney also made an effort to distance Flynt and his enterprises from the death prayer, calling the effort “clearly a spoof.”

The suggested “prayer” includes a disclaimer that reads: “Prayer parody. However, if Bill O’Reilly dies, it must be God’s will.”

I think I might actually start praying.

If only I didn’t also hate Ludacris…


Ludacris is possibly the greatest man who has ever lived.

“We can do it backstage at the Ludacris concert, CUZ YOU KNOW IT GOT SOLD OUT!!”

I’m too white to get that.

Wait a minute . . . the prayer maintains that Bill O. tries to destroy the careers of those he disagrees with, and he therefore ought to die?

Isn’t this prayer (while not a serious attempt to kill him) an attempt to destroy his career, simply because Flint disagrees with him?

Come to that, don’t a lot of people try to destroy the careers of those with whom they disagree? In fact, aren’t Democrats in the Senate doing just that right now with judicial nominees?

Is Flint calling for a prayer for their deaths?

You’re missing a very basic difference here. It has been proven time and again that the First Amendment protects only pornography and explicit lyrics in music. That means Jenna Jameson and Ludacris have a claim to value that far outstrips anyone like Robert Bork, who (God forbid) thinks the Supreme Court should read the Constitution without first ingesting hallucinogens.

I’m not sure of the logic and reasoning behind all this (the man has a solid gold wheelchair, and thinks pictures of women going to the bathroom are hot), but just look at this picture:


Plus he was the one who pulled this off:

I will prey, if only because Bill O’Reilly tried to destroy the man who sung the greatest song of all time.

If I couldn’t stand up and sing “it’s getting hot in here, I’m gonna take off all my clothes” when someone turned the conditioner I would kill myself. I would possibly kill everyone else first, then write a note saying how video games have corrupted my mind, and then hang myself.

I hate that song so very very much.

If you sang it like THAT, I would kill you. Your lyrics are wrong and it’s “herre,” not “here.” Gah, the illiterate…

If you tried to kill me, I would sing “I am the Terminator. I’ll be back to kill you later.”

I would then leave, drive thorugh a wall and kill everyone.

I’m very musical, and my singing reflects what I do.