Laptop fingerprint scanners

Any idea how secure these are in relation to a face matching or password? I’ll try to dig up information as I can.

Finger Scan is a more safe and reliable way of securing your electronic data VS say retinal scans. reason being that with some minor adjustments that retinal scanner could be adjusted to burn your retina and blind you. The finger scan is a safer route. The Facial software is rather expensive and slightly complex to configure as well from what I’m told.

My buddy had facial recognition on his laptop and it seemed to work pretty well. It also worked well on my android phone. It should be included with windows but I think it was part of some hp suite.

Passwords are fine, it just seems like sometimes it’d be nicer to have something a bit more futuristic.

The TrueKey Software seems to function as I have been testing this facial recog software, however I have not got to the image testing as of yet (Using a Portrait to attempt to fool the Camera scanning function.