Krang goes babysitting

Comedy Gold.

Yes. Dear lord, yes.

Oh, I was going to call you to come and play Diplomacy, but I forgot your number, and they wouldn’t let me look it up. I got stabbed in the back six times (one of them was indirect), which is a new record for me.

You may have confused me with someone who has time to play diplomacy, i.e. someone who isn’t doing college applications and taking AWW, etc. in addition to being a horrid slacker.

You may be pleased to note that I am planning a campaign for when my applications are finished and we can play again. You may be less pleased to note that it will be d20. But I don’t feel like shadowrun, and wraith is too serious and confusing, and everyone hates on Testament. So. It will be a desert nomad/ottoman empire style thing. The pcs will all be slaves. Life is harsh. There will be half-trolls.

X-E is typically really really funny, but that article was ridiculously so.


Aside from the rampant dorkiness permeating this thread, that particular article was fantastic.

“Please. At least she can watch herself die.” Fabulous.

Uh-oh. LPF is just too cool for this thread. I am sure that your complete non-dorkiness is the reason you browse these forums obsessively. Oh, wait.

Anyway, I reserve the right to use these forums as a private messaging service between me and Vas. Unless this is against some sort of conduct code?

Please, feel free.

It’s not like they serve any other purpose…

No, of course not. Feel free to be as dorky as you please. My pointing it out is really only an endearment thing, like when Zach plays Diablo 2 online and I tell him he is required to move in with his parents and live in their basement with only cats to keep him company… and only to leave so that he can attend LAN parties and/or be a furry.

Can I come?