Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle

Yeah, so as both an Anime and wrestling fan, this show obviously appeals to me. Despite glaring weaknesses in both intellectual dialogue and respect of the most basic laws of physics, the core of the show, the matches themselves, are fairly entertaining. Eric Stuart’s voicing also lends some life to the often crummy jokes that are constantly pushed down the audience’s throats in the dub, taking away what little credibility the show has.

The characters are all very unique, and many show the determination and honor so typical in fighting anime characters. The fact that these wrestlers are often striving to break out of the shadow of their trainers and/or fathers is interesting, as second and third generation wrestlers do face this problem in actual professional wrestling. And I love the name similarities found in the dub, like Kevin Mask, and Jacqueline McMahon.

All in all, this show is great for what it is: silly, fun, (very) mindless fighting, with goofy characters in a tribute to a well-respected form of entertainment in japan.


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