Kill Bill

kill bill
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
This movie looks really cool, anyone else interested in this movie?
Swordfights, chicks, guns, and a generally good looking movie.

I’m looking forward to it, but I already know it will get bad reviews. Then again, pretty much every movie coming out lately has gotten bad reviews.

Hot Chick, Blazing Barrels and KniveFights, even has Tatoos Chicks dig tatoos. :wink: indeed The Tarantino, WILL Get bad review and that is what will make it great.

Why, why, why did they split the movie into two parts? Who cares if it’s four hours long, it’s a Tarantino movie.

I’m still waiting for the “ZERO STARS BECAUSE IT’S NOT PULP FICTION 2” review.

I can’t think of a bad Tarantino movie. Even his little ditty in “Four Rooms” had me awe struck.

This is an excellent movie.Action packed, great storyline, hot chicks, great fight scenes, and swordfighting!

My God.

That was the best movie I’ve ever seen. I have never been more entertained…


There is no better scene in any movie than the House of Blue Leaves scene. The music selection alone made it perfect.

That siren noise is still playing in my head.

anyone else notice the three dots in random places?

I marvel at the amount of care put into this movie. It’s delicious.

I only wish the same kind of care could have gone into proof-reading the subtitles in the Japanese bits. Small gripe. Detritus is going to kill me for bringing it up.

Are you sure that wasn’t intentional?

A lot of those old Chinese revenge movies are very poorly translated (see: Invincible Super Chan).

I must agree with this. I think you are likely referring to the scene with the sushi-place owner and his lackey. It seemed extremely similar to a bit popular in many animes and Japanese movies, the seemingly level-headed shop owner who suddenly shouts out enraged orders at his lazy underlings. So I thought it a play on Japanese culture.

What? I don’t remember anything strange about that scene. I meant when Bride and O-Ren and her lackeys were talking, or shortly beforehand. The punctuation was unnerving at at least two times. I only started counting a couple seconds before I was told to ignore it (I am an obedient fellow), so I’d have to watch again to see how many problems there actually were.

Oh, hmm, I did not notice that, probably because I spent as little time as possible looking at the subtitles. I will watch those scenes a few more times and see if I can figure out whether it was intentional or not.

That was a freakin’ good film. Now to wait til February.

Why two Chapter 2’s?

I only remember one Chapter Two, and Chapter One was named “2.”

Okay, I reviewed the scene starting with Uma Thurman cutting off that woman’s arm, then telling Lucy Liu they’ve got unfinished business. I stopped watching when Lucy Liu’s body guard was killed. I noticed no punctuation or grammar errors in the subtitles of that bit of film.

It was I doing the telling. This film is glory. Only crouching tiger hidden dragon could rival it for greatest action flick of all time. Thoughts?

Thought: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon made me weep hot tears made of wire.
Thought: Kill Bill is glory.