Kill Bill The Anime -Yup thats right!

You heard right looks like production I.G. is working on a Kill Bill Anime. Those Wonderful poeple at I.G. who brought us GiTs TV, bring you Quentin Tarantino’s latest Flix “Kill Bill” explains the story of “The Bride” once part of a group of female assassins called the" Deadly Viper Assasination Squad", decides to quit and start life anew . On her wedding day, the members of her squad O-Ren Ishii, Elle Driver, Vernita Green, and thier boss, William bust in like Clint Eastwood in a Fist full o $$ “Ching” in on the marriage cermony, guns toting and ready for action, leaving Bride and the guests for dead. few years later, Bride wakes up out of a coma, seeking to pay back her good “Buddies” by killing them one by one, leaving William for the final final good nightl.

A bit of the more memorable and kick ass action seq’s in Kill Bill are the anime scenes showing O-Ren Ishii’s darker past. The seq’s explain how O-Ren Ishii’s Mother & Father were taken out by the yakuza, along with The payback (Fun stuff) and rise to history making as the “top assassin”.The Great and Awesome Production I.G in Tokyo was selected to produce the anime seq’s for Dual Kill Bill SetI.

During a interview Morishita Katsuji, Anime Producer at Production I.G on the anime seq’s. Although no CG was used in the production alot was skecthed out however, Adobe it seems was used alot in post. Like After Effects for compositing, and layering to put together the torrent of scenes for this set. Anime was produced under the tutalege of Nakazawa Kazuto Sempai, One the Best ! Animation Directors at Production I.G.

Any Comments please post em.

I do believe Kill Bill was based loosely on a manga or a story written for an anime. The animation in Kill Bill was by Production I.G. which told the story of Oren Ishii, so I suspect that it’ll just be more of that. anyways, yeah.

I just remember that the anime sequence was very fucked up, and I doubt I would watch a whole series like it.

I dislike anime in general anyway… but this is just a really really bad idea.

Smee suxors!!! lol

I liked the anime scene in kill bill where they were like 1000000000000000000000000000003% more blood than any other anime, but I guess that just fitted in well the film as a whole. :slight_smile:

Hmmm sounds interesting Leon. Guess it’s worth looking into.

i want kill bill the original television series… but uhm… vol 2 will end whatever the kill bill saga was… killing bill.

Unfortunately not enough backers for Kill Bill The Anime Season 1 it is sad, it would have been a great Series on Par with the X-men 12 Ep Anime from Madhouse.