KBV is getting wasted right now

The entire state of Wisconsin is just one big party after that victory today.

Co-Big Ten champs at least.


The officiating of that game sucked. The entire first half was given to Wisconsin, they tried to make it up by giving some questionable stuff back for Purdue in the second half, and Orton’s hand was down before the fumble, so Purdue should’ve won by the honest rules.

Then again, it also should’ve gone to overtime with 20, so it’s not like Purdue deserved to win either. Everything sucked there, I’d have to say.


Dammit. I didn’t see the game.

Hooray for Wisconsin, at least.

Hey guys, apparently I am really wasted. Because you can get wasted on Pepsi or something.

But seriously I was at the anti-Moore rally because man he’s just too fat and now I’m going to vote for Bush because he’s so fat so I did not know who won until Roms told me.

Since when does KBV need an excuse to get drunk?

You are not down when your hand hits the ground. It has to be a knee or elbow. That call was correct and the game was officiated fine.

And yes I agree it should have gone to OT but college kickers in general are horrible. I’ve never seen so many missed kicks and extra points in one season.

And good point about KBV. Hes drunk 24/7 anyway.

I’m drunk on power. Fictious, delusion-centric power.

And semen.