Kawaii anime/manga Guys

My fave :bouncing2

Shedao the Khan would kick his ass five times.

Going to enjoy this, since girls comment towards pics on certain other threads.

SHEDAO!!!..wouldn’t get to my Qautre without having to go threw me…LOL…
Prolly no other girls that will post in here…it will be a thread all for me…Snickers

He’s never feared a challenger before.

That’s true…gah why can’t he just leave my Qautre alone…LOL

Because Qautre would make a strong warrior for him, with a little training.

Yeah Quatre is just that awesome Smiles

King Alexander Roxor all your Boxors LOL, even though he aperntly dosent wear any (Watch Reign on Adult Swim)

I’m now working on the link between Quatre and King Alexander…a week ago, I knew of the existence of neither.

LOL php…Quatre is the only one worth drooling over…ROFL

If i was gay, I’d totaly drool over king alexander =p But sense I’m not I drool over that female companion of his =p

Post a picture php…of Him…It’s cute anime guys in here…LOL

But I shall not sensor you…so post the girl if you like also :slight_smile:

to lazy to find pictures :wink: hell havent been home =p lol… Me, My girlfriend, and some friends and their girlfriends (which are also friends of my girlfriend, ya crazy hu) Went and goofed off all night lol… maby I’ll find pic tomorrow… sleepy now…

When you get a moment post a nice pictue of them both…Thankies.

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