Jackie Chan The Medallion

One Kick ass show of true martial arts mayhem and goodness provided by My hero Jackie (I do my own stunts) Chan. DO you too seek enlightenment of Tai kwan leap? :bash :flame dev

Looks like The Medallion started out in April, Combined martial arts prowess of world wide action superstar Jackie Chan with todays special effects, The Medallion is an action/comedy co-starring Lee Evans, Claire Forlani and Julian Sands. Jackie as Eddie an indomitable Hong Kong cop (as usual) who after a near-a near death experince involving a mysterious medallion is suddenly transformed into a Highbinder (an immortal warrior with superhuman powers and where have we heard that one before?). Eddie enlists the help of fellow agent Nicole to determine what the secret of this medallion is and face down the evil Highbinders who want to retrive it for thier own evil purposes. Holy Shades of Chris Lambert/Raiden, Phatman !