It's Been Over Two Years

And Leon is still stalking me.


He’s a big creep thats why!


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Subject: you were hacked.
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 12:32:56 -0700

I have two shots of the forum. I was bored last nite decided to swing by
to check out the altim themes and went to the forums to browse and your
forum’s been hacked. Just thought I should let you know and who it was
that did it so you might be able to get some info. Please just take it
and don’t reply back.

This message is too short. I have lengthened it by at least one character.

I think he still lurks here too for some reason and constantly blames Trotsky for anything bad said about him here.

Trotsky told me to say leon’s a faggot.


Anyway I am starting to have quite a disliking for livejournal, I think I’ll delete my account!

MARK! You have done it very badly!

Since it’s now clear that he reads this thread, I do want to clarify: It just so happened that Mr. Squaba first alerted me to the situation at aboutthe same time, which caused me a less than fitful sleep in Germany. But that’s rather sensible isn’t it?

Also that site hasn’t had an update in probably two years. Why people keep going to it is beyond me.

Also, it’s clear that Leon still can’t take a joke.

Why does he post in my livejournal? I don’t even know the guy. Make him go away.

You gusy just don’t undesrtand eh? You think your beeng funny eh? Maybe u shuld stop eh? I think so.


w/e tbqh ;(