It is november 25, and you know what that means

Happy November 25, Mr. Oblivion! I understand today I get to sign up for next semester’s cla… wait, I mean, today is your birthday.

A little bird wrote code that asked you what your birthday was and then displayed it to me, and that is how I know. You are now 19, you dog and/or person.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, friend. Is it also November 25 in Canada?

November 25, 1963, the day after the murdered President was buried, was the day LBJ signed National Security Action Memo 273, in which basically lay the remainder of the Vietnam War.

What’re you cackling at, fatty?

Too much pie, that’s your problem!!

Joyeux Anniversaire, mon ami!

(literally means: gaylord)

Hahahaha, gaylord!! You, sir, are a profile-quote-stealing genius.



I got one of those recorder things with small tapes to record mental notes onto like Norm McDonald, a Francois Perusse album, and the Mario and Luigi GBA game.

Yes, I am that gay.

More gifts to come at my dad’s.