ISO Creator?

I can’t find a god damn free ISO creator!

And the ones I find that are for sell I can’t find any way of geting around the 300mb file size limit… I’ve tryed everything to get around the limit, everything (Cough, Cough)

Why do you need to make an ISO?

My DVD burner, because of hacked firmware, is not recognized by any of the major DVD burning software (Nero, Deep Burn, EZ-CD Creator, Etc) So I can’t burn sets of files only ISO (Using DVD Decrypter) to DVD.

Do you have any P2P programs like Direct Connect? Chances are good you can find <strike>hacked</strike> totally legal full versions of ISO creators (or at least the reg. keys for the trial versions) from a place like that.

Finding and dling it anything over p2p programs is a bitch on 28.8 dialup…

Back in my day thats all we had, I spent hours downloading 1 or 2 songs from IRC! Then I had to go out in the snow and walk 15 miles to get CD-Rs.

You’re definitlely right about crappy speeds on P2P programs… the guy i downloaded this from was either on a 9600 or living inside the Moon…


Hopes this works you… er, for you.