is currently down, my isp is being attacked by a Script kiddy with a bunch of DoS bots. It’s actually going up and down, but i’m going to upgrade my server soon so no big whoop.

And that’s why everyone should go to

It’s full of the psx-dude goodness without the… uh… without the…

skript kiddies.

(Note: My server links to psx-dude’s, so when it’s up, you don’t have to worry about switching servers. Though reliability of my connection/power is sometimes an issue.)

port # ?

Typical ports. You know, 6667-7000

No one connects there anymore…

yeah I only ever see the pipx0r

I’m always there. Always.

HA! was there 2/3 days ago looked for your Kipper smokin butt. Nowhere to be found. :wink:

Is anyone logging onto IRC anymore nowadays?.. at all?

I usually do. Sometimes. Very rarely. Almost never.

it doesn’t seem to wanna let me connect…

I pop in at least once a week no one says jack so I leave.


Umm right. Why does this remind me so much of crank yankers,

That’s because every one goes quiet when you log on. You know, so you’ll leave.

Im just not able to connect at all. Are people logging onto pipian’s channel or psx-dude?

I won’t know one those 3 Banned The MSN Adress. I can’t connect to #chat.

Any reason as to why?