IRC - Internet Relay Chat

Just so you know, we still have an IRC server up. The address is or (ports 6667/7000). So if you wanna come by and chat, you can hang around #chat.


Web based IRC Client

I don’t know whats going on in your server, last time I was on it was just chat and now its a big anime rpg place and everyone was like HELLO DRAGON-SAN SUGOI HAI WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA ^_^;;;;;;;;;; :crying:

To be fair I did join the #magicalsailorfuku room (Since it had the most people in it), but anyhow are they any in perticular room where you guys hang out in?

#chat mainly, i’ve never been in those other rooms, pip invited them. actually i went in there once and told them the server was going down.

10:06 [psx-dude] -!- Irssi: Looking up
10:06 [psx-dude] -!- Irssi: Connecting to [] port
10:06 [psx-dude] -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server port 6667
[Connection refused]

Is it the lack of identd or something? Bah.

Dude, your server is still down.

I feel like I’m talking to a cave, but, any interest in bringing the IRC server back up? Anyone still use IRC for daily chatting?

Someone on the main page asked about that recently as a matter of fact.

That’s a yes to irc, coming from me.

Are you going to set it up Chris?

I already did. The following should work:

I’ll be setting up services sometime this week so it may go up and down depending…

IRC is setup – Services are setup!

Temporary IRC Webclient setup:

Needs additional configuration though, but should work right now. Max nick length is 9 so I think I need to change that on the ircd.

No channels, and no people that I could find. :frowning:

17:00 [psx-dude] -!- Channel Users Name
17:00 [psx-dude] -!- End of /LIST

I had completely forgot about the irc server, beginning idle mode… :slight_smile:

Idle mode continues. Day 14 after retrieving services. I guess its become a test of my connection? :slight_smile:

I just found this program called KVIrc and it works on windows, and its free!

Is it back in operation?

ping pong on the IRC Gong