Please introduce yourself, if you wish to do so. Tell us what kind of systems you own, love to run (at home, work or wherever) and where you’re from. Maybe also a thing or two, how you ended up with OpenVMS, for example, and what you use it for.

Also, if you’re yourself involved in projects and initiatives we’d love to hear about: By all means, please do share it with us!

My introduction, more or less, is of course here.

:smile: Hi I’m shipcode,20 years of age, I’m into information security and I’m one of the bloggers of Linux user here and new to OpenVMS thus making me an OpenVMS n00bz but don’t get me wrong coz I love it and I’m intrigued at it.

Hope to learn more from you guys.



Welcome on the forum! Feel free to invite others as well. Out of curiosity, do you have or use non—x86/-64: For example, at ‘home’?

Security is a very interesting and actual, therefore very relevant, subject. I’m a big fan of the DEFCON, HOPE and other well-known (and lesser known) gatherings, conferences and similar initiatives. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend one of them. (The idea of having to travel to the USA, with all of the TSA harassment, doesn’t particularly appeal much to me either at the moment.) I might consider attending a CCC conference in the future (which is conveniently nearby, for me).

Anyway, I hope you’ll like the forum.

haven’t used non—x86/-64 at home yet, I only tried an ssh access with fafner and But I’m willing to have one but don’t have the money yet since I’m still a student.

Regarding with the forum, I love it dude. Hope you could have some tutotials here about OpenVMS also =) coz I’m drooling over it.

Hope you can come here in ROOTCON… it’s a nice gathering…

Hi, I’m here from the Deathrow cluster, which I’ve been a registered user for quite some years now.

I’ll be trying to watch these boards in the near future.

Welcome aboard, fellow [COLOR=“Gray”]‘[/COLOR]inmate[COLOR=“Gray”]’[/COLOR]!