Interesting links time

And here so many of us had thought her role was an act, all this time…

I’m not sure you’ll believe this one.

[i]On an cyberlogical dig deep in the dungeons of the internet, the intrepid Leon McNichols found a location more horrifying than any seen before, to date, by civilized beings. He shared the incredible story of intrigue and near-choking on his potato chips with his dear friend Squalleus Maximus…and a myth was soon born.


Current reports from Leon himself indicate many survivors claim it could only be a hoax. We watch…and wait…for final word.

Your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen?

I’m scared…

[color=Magenta]lolz Tru Dat [/color]

Oh, and since it was “posting random links time”, I took the liberty of organizing them into one neat thread instead of having them strewn about. Organized is good.

Digging deep? Wasn’t that yesterday’s awful link?

the livejournal link no longer works.

Obviously, then, the rumors were true… It was a plot by forces unknown, for purposes likewise.

so you mean that livejournal closed down an account that violated their terms of service?

Here’s an interesting link: - computer technology meets beer cooling technology.

Yeah, Trot about summed it up there.

In other news, treating everyone in a given community equally has taken a new twist…“we’ll just outlaw all of it.”

What strikes me is just how long it took these people to pay attention to rather old news, especially considered they lie not 200 miles off the Red coast.

Next up on News at 11, Hitler threatens to create his own solution to what he calls “the Poland problem”…

Penny Arcade comics remixed by Japanese students in English class.

Back home only you!

control a chicken

The chicken does the macarena.