Important: Server Change

This weekend will be a quick server move to the brand new server I have purchased. Hopefully none of you will notice any downtime, as you probably won’t be visitng this site all that often. But its just a note in case it is down. Expect downtime around noontime PST on Saturday.

Wow, I’m drunk. I hope I remember to do the server move


What are the specs of the new server?

what are the specs on the liquor you’ve had to drink?

I had some sambuca, some rum and cokes, and a bunch of this drink called hurricane with bacardi 151. The new server is a VPS system, so specs aren’t that important. But Its dual xeons I believe. Its dual something buts its a lot faster.

Now we can get spammed much much faster. Thanks dude!

Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam
Boy, we get lots of spammers these days.
Also, what was I thinking!