Important announcement (Calling all Gil)

I’m leaving the sunny shores of Oscoda come tomorrow, and I should be homeways by about ohhh…2 pm. This is dependant on whether or not I wake up on time and how many large bull elk I slaughter with my car along the way.

I assume you won’t be working so I’ll either call you, or look for you online, so we can get our acts together for Sunday’s trek to the icy tundra of MTU (I assume you’re no longer going).

I’ll also try to get a hold of Tim at some point to see what he’s up to, then we can really get the show on the road.

I must also find time for an oil change twixt my busy planning/packing schedule. My parents have taken mercy on our poor souls and have outfitted us with the finest vehicle this side of the Alleghany, our family’s Buick SUV. This means you won’t have to be crushed by 8,000 metric tons of clothes, books, and golf clubs, Dave; and we can actually manage to bring our golf clubs. Of course, we’re going to need to stop every 1300 feet to fill up the gas tank, but whatever. We’re all splitting the tab for gas this year, so no skin off my nose (refinance your house prior to leaving PLZ).

So I’ll talk to you all in about 24 hours (hopefully), and we’ll see each other in another 40 hours for the long, fruitless trip to Houghton, Michigan.

Oh yes, along with the large, dangerous, gas guzzling, flaming SUV, my parents have also given us a gift of Smirnoff Triple Black to get the whole thing moving in the right direction. Not nearly enough Triple Black for our desperate needs, but, what are you gonna do? Hopefully you have procured some Jack, and possibly a bottle of Jager, but I hold out no expectations.

Good hunting, Mr. Poma.


Aaron Johnson
“Ye Olde Sea-Cook”

Hahaha, me get a saturday night off?? Yeah right. There’s actually a good chance that I’m scheduled next week as well, since I told my boss months ago that I needed off, and he’s most likely forgotten. Ah well I’m not concerned. Anyway I start at 5 if you’re home before then call me if not I shall call you when I get home.

As for the booze, I’ll see what I can do.

umm, the one thing we have up here is booze, I would not worry about bringing it up here.

Very well. I suppose it can always be purchased up there anyway.

Caution: when John says he has booze, he means he has Uncle John’s 79 Impala Distilled Fine Moonshine and $5 a bottle Vodka imported from Crackton and Bumville.

So I assume that you’re still going then…

hey now, I have quite a bit of booze that is of the best kind for you… the free kind. I am sure Tim and dave will apperciate it, unlike you a man too good for 151. What are you afraid of, is it going to rape your wife and kill your children, oh wait, that would require a wife and children, and since you are too gay to drink 151 you will never have a wife or children hahahaha

umm, I suck

That hurts me, John.

Despite what John has boasted, Tim and I have purchased a 12 pack of Corona and some limes.

I figure we’ll get up Tech-ways, ice the beer, chill the limes, go get some Tostada pizza (aka: JESUS JUST ORGASMED IN MY MOUTH) make our way back homeways, dig out the now icy Coronas, slice up the limes, and enjoy.

I also have Butterscotch Schnapps, so if Bailey’s is available, we can enjoy some Buttery Nipples, which is a pretty darn good shot.

This does not have to be on the first night, mind you (some coherency while unpacking is always nice), but I’m sure throughout the whole trip, we’ll feel in the mood for delicious shot goodness.

Oh you wacky alcoholics and your alcohol-related antics!