Image Macros

Why not make a thread using these. Post Your Own!

Here’s an old one I made…

And yes, I am Pipian’s Brother (I make the Flash Movies)

I don’t understand the meaning of making a thread using these.

this is all I have to say about your thread

I’m not sure if this thread is going well or not. :confused:

Just thought i’d toss the’s up here, I made them from penny-arcade strips I think they will come in handy some time… never know :wink:

I gots another one!!!

I like that one because it’s so true.

Also. I miss the bench. :frowning:

i made this peice of shit.

… Just testing flaw some more…
<div id="!!" style=“position:absolute; left:25%; top:25%; width:239px; height:432px; z-index:1”><img src=“”></div>

<div id="!!" style=“position:absolute; left:50%; top:125%; width:239px; height:432px; z-index:1”><img src=“”></div>

SHEESH why don’t you just PM Psx-dude about it, way to ruin AtariMan’s first thread. :mad:


flaw “fixed” html now disabled for EVERYTHING

of course that means that your own sig doesn’t work anymore…

I told him a simple way to fix flaw with out actuly turning off html lol