I'm switching to Mac OSX

I will still be using my PC though. Through the magic (emulation) of <a href=“http://pearpc.sourceforge.net”>PearPC</a>, I can use OSX (10.2) on my PC. Yes, it is slow, but it works.

I’ll be using Windows. On a PC. Yes it’s slow, but it doesn’t really work anyway.

On second thought I’ll stick to the ol’ TiBook.

I’ll be running Unix through OSX which will be running on my WINE emulator on Linux which is being emulated through some stupid BeOS thing or what have you.


I got PearPC a while back, sadly I’ve not been able to buy Mac OSX yet.

I have got OS 7.5.3 and Amiga OS 3.1 working though.

Soon I’ll have Amiga OS 3.9.

Just for fun I also have Amiga UNIX, though I haven’t installed that yet.


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