I'm posting my discontent all over the internet

I hate this province. A lot.

See, I’m from Quebec, the foremost French-speaking province of Canada. I love French and it’s a wonderful language, but the people here have always had this irrational fear of english. It’s never really bothered me until now.

A new law has been passed, forbidding the sale of video games which do not have a french version. Not only does this mean I’m basically never going to get most of the new games coming out around Christmas time, but the law works backwards, so current english video games are going off the shelf. We’re talking no more Final Fantasies, no more Capcom games, and forget about Tetris games, the intro is english. I won’t be able to play games anymore. Sure, I can go to Ontario, but it’s far and games with limited numbers of copies (like say, Treasure games) will probably elude me permanently. That means no more Eternal Darkness, no more of that one space shooter with the multi-colored beams. A whole industry has been destroyed by a law that was passed without a vote by the people. Luckily, I count on angry parents around Christmas time to get this law revoked.

Quebec = le suck

Heilige Hölle, Batmensch!

Why? Why? I mean, I can see the reasoning. Gots to protect French from disappearing, or something like that. But… gah.

I suggest you purchase things off Amazon.

They don’t hate, like your stupid government.

Yeah that’s messed up.

But at least you can still play…


Hey, Yoshi’s Island has a French language option!

It sure does.


good thing u got to play teh Joe before this outrage.

I say eat some snails and suck it up.

I hate you.

Good, who said it was a popularity contest anyway? :lol

And that my friend, is why Quebecois Pride can come back to bite you in the ass.


do it ebay

Time to get myself a credit card.

Blow up the great Satan.

That too.

cut back on the low cal crack?

Oblivion is right on this one. The law goes against freedom of speech, to make a video game in any freakin’ language you want.

Of course, Quebec is Quebec, meaning they can do whatever the hell they want. This includes making stupid, stupid laws banning English from their country.

Of course, you can go to Canadiens games in Quebec…so really, it all evens out.

I’m a Philadelphia Flyers fan…no thanks.